Part D

Medicare Part D plans are offered by private insurance companies and can help cover the costs of your prescriptions at the pharmacy.

You can buy a Medicare Part D plan in the form of a stand-alone drug plan, or it can be included in a Medicare Advantage plan.


There are 22 stand-alone Part D plans available in Washington State.

  • The base Part D premium in 2019 is: $33.19

There are 26 stand-alone drug plans available in Washington State. For help finding the right Part D plan for your prescriptions, call (509) 670-2566. Appointments are at no-cost to you.

Part D Terms to Know:

Deductible: the amount you pay before your insurance begins paying

  • In 2019, the maximum Part D deductible is $415

Formulary: list of prescriptions covered by the insurance company

Prior Authorization: some plans will require approval for certain prescriptions. A prior authorization form is typically submitted by your doctor requesting approval for the prescription.

Step-therapy: Step therapy is a form of prior authorization where the insurance company may ask you to try a less expensive version before they cover the drug.

Quantity Limits: Part D plans may limit the amount of a prescription you can get at one time.

Penalty: Although you are not required to purchase a Part D prescription drug plan, you should be aware of the Part D penalty. If you choose to not buy a Part D prescription drug plan when you first become eligible for Medicare (and don’t have other creditable prescription coverage), you will accrue a penalty of 1% per month of the average Part D cost ($33.19 in 2019).